Community Health Care

The Goal

The overall goal is to promote access to health services amongst Maasai community through designing and implementing relevant health programmes on HIV/AIDS awareness, preventive measures and home-based care for those infected and reducing children mortality rate amongst the Maasai community.

Kipok Medical Facility

Community Healthcare Program will continue in the next phase to deliver community healthcare interventions on maternal and child health (MCH), nutrition and HIV/AIDS prevention and VCT services through the KIPOK medical facility in Kiteto district.

The programme will also offer mobile clinic services to the community through community health volunteers and Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) 


Maternal Health And Hiv/Aids Services

Maasai women and girls are more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infections due to lack of information, knowledge including women disempowerment. MWEDO has therefore worked in this area to raise awareness through information dissemination and empowered women in the fight against HIV and AIDS infections.

MWEDO has a good experience within pastoralist Maasai communities. It has successfully been implementing HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, Care and Nutrition activities since 2003, MWEDO works with a team of community volunteers who complement our efforts in different communities. The volunteers are Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) who support and take care of young women during and after birth and refer women to clinics and hospitals.

Peer health Educators are another group of volunteers working with MWEDO to train other community members including youth and adolescent. MWEDO also collaborates with district authorities, traditional authorities; ward HIV/AIDS committees, local authorities, women and youth groups at district and national levels.